Flawless Beauty By Debra is 800x800_1414101699478-0166your Full Service Bridal Makeup Artist based in the city of Grand Rapids, MI.

Lead by Owner and Makeup Artist Debra Traylor, who has over a 15 years of experience,  the Flawless Beauty team will transform every bride into the vision she has always dreamed of on her wedding day. By focusing on her best features, we paint a vision of perfection captured in every image.

Flawless Beauty By Debra specializes in Airbrush Makeup, a process in which makeup is applied with an ‘airbrush’ instead of brushes and sponges. This application traditionally creates a sheer, natural appearance to the skin which can last upwards to 24hrs. We want you to look perfect and our airbrush technique ensures that. We glam you up, not cake you up!

The beauty portion of a bride’s wedding is the most intimate because it’s the bride’s face. It’s our job to make sure you feel the most beautiful you have ever felt. Thank you for your interest in our team. We look forward to creating a signature just for you!