Grooming Your Groom



We always talk about the beautification of the bride. The pampering: hair, nails, massages, and makeup. But rarely do we ever hear anyone discuss the groom. Well, we are here to tell you: There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of manscaping .

So if you’re looking for a special way to treat your groom for the big day (it is his big day too) try one of these suggestions:

Massage – Doesn’t matter if it’s Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone or Sports (you’ll have to pick the right one for the guy in your life) there is NOTHING like a good massage. And just like us girls, our guys can get wound up with the anticipation of the “I Do’s”. Why not help him relax, and prepare for an amazing night on the dancefloor, and more importantly, in your arms.

Straight Razor Shave – there’s something almost magical when you see the shaving cream being whipped around the bowl at the hand of a skilled barber right after he has finished sharpening his ‘blade’ on a long leather strap. This is the treatment for a mans man. No frills, no special ‘product’, just a good old fashion shave followed by a hot towel. Just the thought of it has me looking for that classic red, white, and blue barber’s pole so my special someone can be serviced

MANicure (and maybe a pedi too) – Ladies this one isn’t just for your guy, but will also be a treat for you later in the evening on your big night. We all love a good strong man, who’s good with his hands-however most of us also want that soft gentle touch at the end of a special evening. A nice manicure with an exfoliating scrub, a moisturizing hand & arm massage, and a matte clear coat is just the thing before you slip on the ring!

Facial Care -So we know that they may not admit it, however most guys care just as much about how they look as we do, and because of this we suggest a facial (and maybe even some light makeup-just hear us out).

So there you have just a few ideas of how to pamper your man on your wedding day. And, ladies, the only downside to treating your guy with any of these special experiences is that he’ll probably like them so much he’ll want to do them ALL the time…and that’s really not that bad, is it?

Having clean, clear and healthy skin makes ANYONE feel better, especially when they are the center of attention. A good exfoliating facial, toner, and of course moisturizer, will have your man looking perfect!

Remember, you may want to do a “pre-facial” if your guy may run the chance of a lot of toxins coming out of his skin, as they could cause additional outbreaks, or if he has fair or sensitive skin – we don’t want him looking red & blotchy.

If your guy is a little more into his image, and has been known to use a filter or 2 on Instagram, consider having a professional MUA put the finishing touches on him for the big day. You may want to consider someone specifically that does ‘Airbrush Make-up’, as that it goes on in a sheer, and extremely natural fashion, allowing it to rid the appearance of various imperfections without looking heavy or caked on.

So there you have it, a few simple ways to Groom Your Groom, and ensure you are both looking amazing on the most important day of your lives!
Debra Traylor
Professional Makeup Artist
2650 East Beltline Se Grand Rapids, MI 49508