Makeup on Your Wedding Day?



Wedding Planning is full of excitement, family & friends, ‘butterflies’; and often times for the bride – ”To Do Lists”. There are a million and one lists. The Colors? Seating Arrangements? Songs for the Reception? Who’s getting chicken versus who’s getting beef?

And most times there is some sort of cost associated with the items on the list.

One expense which is often overlooked (or simply bypassed) and in turn is left off the list – MAKEUP.

When thinking about all the important elements of our big day we often don’t give the adequate amount of thought to “who’s going to do my make up?” Well, today we’re going to help you look at the possibilities, and to be quite frank tell you why it is best to hire a Professional Makeup Artist.

We all know and love to stop by our favorite makeup counters at the mall. Yes, they have all of your favorite products. And the girl behind the counter always looks great – however, most of the times she’s not a trained makeup artist. She’s the sales woman at your favorite makeup counter. Her job is to sell you a certain amount of products (at most counters they aim for a minimum of $100 to actually do your appointment) and this is why she is doing your makeup. The other problem with having your makeup done at the beauty counter is in most cases, the work is NOT contractual…meaning it may not be the same person doing your makeup on the big day that did it on the test run.

Okay, so you won’t use the makeup counter girl, but what about your one friend-you know the one who does everyones make whenever it’s “Girls Night Out”, you jokingly call her “Beyonce” because her look is always FLAWLESS…and that’s all great, just not for your wedding day. The chances of your friend having the wide array of product that a professional makeup artist is pretty slim. A professional artist is going to have not only a variety of types and brands of products, but will also have products specifically designed to withstand the extensive wear and tear of such an energetic day, and product that will work well for photography.

A professional makeup artist will have a clearly defined contract. They will do a consultation and trial with you prior to your wedding to ensure that the look and product is exactly as you want it for your special day. And because they are a makeup ‘artist’, they are also able to see what naturally works best for your face, dress and theme – when they are done the photographer will merely be capturing your look, not redesigning you in the editing room.

Remember, at the end of the day you want your day to go seamless, and to be stress free and having a professional makeup artist as a part of your team helps make that possible.

Look for our next blog that will discuss what to look for in your contract with your makeup artist.

Debra Traylor
Professional Makeup Artist
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