The Perfect Makeup Artist For You


The Perfect Makeup Artist For You

You’ve been following our blog and read “Who’s doing your makeup on Your Wedding Day”… you decided against going with your cousin, the girl at the department store counter and you doing your own makeup was never an option – you’ll have way too many butterflies to even put your own lipstick on straight on your special day…so you’re definitely going with a Professional Makeup Artist, but how do you know which one is the “right one”?

The first things you’ll look at when searching for the perfect Makeup Artist for your big day are the typical things: Someone with great work (this will be the look immortalized of your wedding, good isn’t good enough), excellent referrals/references, a clear cut contract, and a trial that leaves a huge smile on your face.

However, beyond all of that, it’s imperative that you “click” with your Makeup Artist. This doesn’t make them your BFF, we’re not suggesting that you’re calling one another at all times of day and night…but there should be a strong rapport between the two of you.

When you make your initial call to ask questions, and set up your trial; take note: are they attentive to your needs and requests? Are they asking you questions? Trying to learn about your venue, dress, vision for the day?

Like Celebrity Makeup Artist Renny Vasquez stated during a recent training, there should be an “Exchange of Energy” between the Artist and Client, and I strongly agree.

A MUA (Makeup Artist) should be hearing YOUR ideas and vision, not just pushing forth their own agenda. It shouldn’t matter if you want ‘fairytale’, ‘goth’ or ‘boho chic’, your desires should be the goal. Your MUA should be someone you can be honest with and feel comfortable around.

If you walk in with a purse full of pictures, the right Makeup Artist for you, will be able to walk through them, help you identify what the common look is in them all, and show you what of that look does and doesn’t work for you. They will even show you some cool alternatives.

Being the right Makeup Artist doesn’t mean that they will get your look ‘perfect’ on the first try (this holds true especially if you’re not too sure yourself what you want), but it does mean they will hear you when you say it’s not quite right, and will work through the needed changes.

So, do your research-ask questions, and trust your gut, because the person that you hire for makeup services not only becomes a part of your team, but they are a developer of your dream.

Debra Traylor
Professional Makeup Artist
2650 East Beltline Se Grand Rapids, MI 49508