What You’re Really Paying For



It never fails. I’ll be out to dinner with my hubby, or having drinks with the girls and I’ll hear a group of ladies near by talking about local Makeup Artists (MUA) ….and every so often when MY name comes up the conversation goes a little something like this:

“Have you heard about Flawless Beauty by Debra?” “Yea….she’s good, but she’s high”

And though I never do, there’s always just a little part deep down inside of me that wants to tap them on the shoulder and explain that my services aren’t “high” or “expensive”, it’s more like the service I offer is exclusive, and what you’re paying for isn’t just “paint”.

So, I figured today, I would take the time to explain to everyone, exactly what it is that you’re paying for when you hire a professional MUA.

The “PAINT” – yes, Im talking about the makeup itself. We all know ‘that one girl’ that has all the latest colors, brands, and products. A caboodle hasn’t been able to hold her collection since early middle school, what she’s working with looks more like the footlockers they sell to incoming college freshman.

And as exciting as that may all be, that “footlocker” kit she has put together, only represents about 1⁄4 of my ‘travel’ kit, and in comparison to my entire collection-it’s like talking about the cosmetic bag you through in your suitcase for a weekend getaway.

Not only do I have just about every color of every product imaginable, I also have several of the same colors from different brands and in different formulas to ensure that I can find what works best to achieve your desired look.

Plus as the Premier Airbrush Artist in my area, I also have airbrush equipment and color pods that I’m bringing along with me.

This is my CRAFT – I say that to say, it’s not a hobby. I don’t just do it to have something to do. I take classes and participate in workshops. I keep up on trade journals and stay abreast of the latest trends. I spend money to have people come in for me to practice techniques and coloring.

I am regularly attending workshops put on by Monifa Mortis, Renny Vasquez, Wedding Wire and more. Even though I’ve been professionally doing this for well over a decade, I still travel across the country any chance I get to work under my mentors to keep my skills at their best.

It’s a Business – The Mirrors, Lights, Chair (and yes, I have both travel and stationary equipment inclusive of ALL of these items) – that become a part of your experience. The website, business & comp cards, trade show registration-all of which make it easier for you to find me, check out reviews, and book me. The contract that protects us both. The insurance which protects all of my product & equipment. Taxes….I think you get the picture-all of the things that make your experience seamless, is part of what makes me a Professional MUA.

Yes, all of these details are part of what you’re paying for, but I prefer to look at it as paying to be able to come in, sit down-close your eyes and experience beautification.

Debra Traylor
Professional Makeup Artist
2650 East Beltline Se Grand Rapids, MI 49508